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How to Check and Maintenance The Fish Bolt?

Fish bolt plays important role in fastening the steel rails together. If the fish bolt isn’t fix the rails and the joint bar tightly, it is dangerous and easy to cause incident or put threat to the passing trains. So it is necessary to check if the fish bolt are well installed and maintenance the rail bolt at regular time. 
fish bolt maintenance
fish bolt maintenance

Fish Bolt Installing Check and Maintenance

  • Inspect each fish bolt by striking the jointing point, according to the striking noise, find out the fish bolt that isn’t installed and screw them tightly. 
  • Check at least 2 fish bolts at each jointing point, if there is unqualified installed fish bolt, enlarge the checking number and check them carefully. 
  • The tightening of fish bolt should be begin at the middle position instead of one side.  
fish bolt installing check

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