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Rail joint is a kind of railroad fasteners and plays important role in connecting the steel rail together with the help of  fish bolt. There are many types and different standard rail joints according to various uses. AGICO can provide you with different rail joints such as GB, AREMA, BS, UIC, AS, African standard, South American standard, and different types such as common rail joint, compromise rail joint, bulge rail joint, insulated rail joint and glued insulated rail joint, etc. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and areas and more than 50 types of rail joints of standard and nonstandard are available for global customers. 

Advantages of AGICO Rail Joints:

  • Be supplier to A&K, ATT and UT for years for various key rail projects in America.
  • With over 80% market share in China Railway industry as a rail joint supplier.
  • We can provide semi-finished products without holes or finished products with holes.
  • Both 4 hole 24 ″ and 6 hole 36 ″ with round or oval holes available.
  • We have professional production team of 123 workers, 22 technicians and 2 senior engineers with more than 30 years’ working experience in the development and manufacture of rail joints.
  • Over 100 types of molds ready, including those used for Thermit Welded Joints.

Different Types of Rail Joint

AGICO can provide various types of railway joints such as common rail joint, insulated joint bar, bulge rail joint, compromise joint bar, glued insulated rail joint, etc.

different types of rail joint

Common Rail Joint

Common rail joint is with regular shape, 4 holes or 6 holes, and it is most commonly used in railway track. We have the strength to produce different standard rail joint suiting for all types of rails. The products we manufacture are the following:

GB (Chinese) Standard Rail Joint

  • Size: 43kg, 50kg, 60kg, 75kg
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 55#
  • Standard: TB/T2345-2008
  • Elongation A: ≥9%
  • Brinell Hardness: HBW 227-388

BS Standard Rail Joint

  • Size: BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 40#
  • Standard: BS47-1
  • Tensile Strength Rm: 550-650 Mpa
  • Elongation A: ≥18%

UIC Standard Rail Joint

  • Size: U79 – UIC54, U85 – UIC60
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 40#
  • Standard: UIC864-4, UIC864-8
  • Tensile Strength Rm: 550-650 Mpa
  • Elongation A: ≥18%

DIN Standard Rail Joint

  • Standard: DIN 5902-1995
  • Material: Chinese steel grade Q235
  • size: 1. FL10- FL20: FL10, FL14, FL18, FL20
  • 2. FL30–FL41: FL30, FL33, FL41, FL49
  • Elongation A: FL10- FL20≥21% FL30–FL41≥23%
different standard of rail joint

Africa Rail Joint

  • Size: 85 LB, 85 LB-80 LB
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 50#
  • Standard: According to Customer's requirements

America Rail Joint

  • Size: 115RE, 119RE, 132RE, 136RE, 141RE
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 50#
  • Standard: AREMA 2007

South America Rail Joint

  • Brazil rail joint
  • Size: TJ57, TJ ASCE 90, TJ UIC60
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 50# or Customized
  • Peru rail joint
  • Size: 75LBS A.S.C.E, 75LBS BSS, 80LBS A.S.C.E, TJ BS80A
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 50# or Customized
Each standard rail joint of other types (bulge, compromise, insulated, glued insulated) are also available!

Compromise Rail Joint

Compromise joint bar is used for connecting two different rail sections, it can connect them exactly and make the whole track flat and smooth. The compromise rail joints we produce use high strength steel and made by advanced precise machine, it has precise specification and fit the rails exactly. A compromise is composed of two bars: gauge side joint bar and outside joint bar.

compromise rail joint

How to choose suitable compromise rail joint?

If you want to order right compromise rail joint, the specification of both rail sections and the following dimensions of rail joint you need must be clear.

  • A - The end of the rail to center-line of first hole.
  • B - Center-line of first hole, to center-line of second.
  • C - Center-line of second hole, to center-line of third hole (where 6-hole bars are used).
  • D - Diameter of bolt hole (or bolt size).
  • E - Elevation of bolt hole (center-line of bolt hole above base) on non-standard rail.
how to choose compromise rail joint

We can manufacture different specifications of compromise joint bar according to your drawings and samples.

Joggled Rail Joint

Bulge rail joint, also called bulge rail joint, has a bulge section in the middle of the joint bar, and it can fasten the steel rails tightly. Bulge rail joint is usually used in broken welded rails or temporary repair of cracked welded rail joint with an emergency clamp. It can suit for various rail sections and enable quick and temporary repair, guaranteeing the continuous movement in rail track.

joggled rail joint

Insulated Rail Joint

Insulated rail joint are usually used for electrical resistance in railway track. It contains insulation materials wrapped or bolted around contacting surface the rail track which can control signaling and broken rail identification systems. The end post of Insulated rail joint can be classified into two types: inserted end post and glued end post.

Insulated rail joint component:

  • Two rail sections
  • One end post
  • Two rail joints
  • Six (or four) bolts, nuts & washers
  • Electrical insulation material sheets
insulated rail joint components
glued end post insulated rail joint
inserted end post insulated rail joint

Glued Insulated Rail Joint

Glued insulated rail joints are used in long welded rails for insulation. The glued surface can provide mechanical strength for the extension and compression of the rails because of the pressure from the vehicles. It is usually used in track-circuited area for insulation of the rails to adjacent rails in continuous welded rail sections. Glued insulated rail joint is easy to install with minimum number of the installing components. We have advanced modern manufacturing machines for rail joint, so the quality is guaranteed with high fatigue properties.
Top Features of Glued Insulated Rail Joint

  1. Glued insulated rail joint never subject to the changes in temperature and the temporary pressures forced by the rails and rail joint. Non-glued joint structure is not ideal in this aspect.
  2. The insulating material is glued in the gap of two steel rails, which not only strengths the stiffness of the rails, but provides continuous welded rails for the vehicle.
  3. The using of GIRs prolongs the service life steel rail and improves the travelling comfort.  
glued insulated rail joint
glued insulated rail joint

Other Types of Rail Joint

Model Material Standard Unit weight Surface Treatment Export destination
SJ50 rail joint 50#   11.59kg/pc Plain  
SJ43 Rail Joint 50#   10.16kg/pc Plain  
TJ57 Rail Joint 45#   17.36kg/pc Plain Brazil
S30 Rail Joint 50#   5.8kg/pc Plain, or according to the customers’ demand  
CR135 Rail Joint (used in CR135 Crane Rail) 50# ASTM-43   Plain,
or Hot-dip galvanized
CR171 Rail Joint (used in CR171 Crane Rail) 50# ASTM-43 16.0kg/pc Plain,
or Hot-dip galvanized
S49 Forged
Rail Joint
Q345 UIC49 8.60kg/pc Sandblasted +oiled Albania, Yugoslavia
S60 Forged
Rail Joint
Q345 UIC60 14.50kg/pc Sandblasted +oiled Albania, Yugoslavia

Rail Joint Workshop:

We have our own steeling rolling workshop, rail joint workshop and casting workshop, and we have two production lines of Φ450 and Φ300 rolling lines for rail joint. In addition, 14 kind of various production equipment are available in the production including pre-heating and heat treatment furnaces, straightening machine, cutting machine, hacksaw machine, drill machine, hole chamfering, joggling and punching facility, oil storage tank and thermometer.

We have strict quality inspection center with a full set of inspection facilities including German direct-reading spectrometer, metallographic image automatic analysis instrument, automatic impact testing machine, magnetic detector and fatigue testing machine. The inspection is from the selection of raw material to the quality testing of the finished product. Each product is tested by the inspection facilities before shipment to any client.

rail joint workshop

Packing of Rail Joint:

The railway joints that you order can be packed by wooden box or sheel feed plate or according to your requirement.
packing of rail joint

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