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Railroad tie plate, also called base plate or sole plate, is a kind of steel plate used between the rails and sleepers on rail tracks. Tie plate is usually tapered on the sleepers by rail bolts or rail spikes through the holes in the plate. Generally tie plate is usually tapered at each end of rails to ensure the stability and hold the rail to correct gauge. The use of rail tie plates extends the service lifetime of rails and ensures the safety of passengers and railway workers. Whether on wooden sleepers or concrete sleepers, rail tie plates play an irreplaceable function in fastening the rails.
Specification of Rail Tie Plate

Model Application Material Unit Weight Export Destination
115RE Tie plate AREMA 115RE rail Q235 or
10.6kg/pc USA
Tie plate
AREMA 132RE rail
AREMA 136RE rail
Q235 or
11-12kg/p USA
115D Tie plate AREMA 115D rail Q235 or
28.8kg/pc USA
100-8B Tie plate AREMA 100-8B rail Q235 or
26kg/pc USA
S49 Tie plate S49 rail QT450-10
Model Application Specification Material Standard Unit Weight Export Destination
TYPE-D Subway tie plate 1/4"*8"*19-1/2" Hot rolled carbon steel ASTM-A36
TYPE-19-A Subway tie plate 1/4"*8"*19-1/2" Hot rolled carbon steel ASTM-A36
01-63-14 Subway tie plate   20#   4.53kg/pc USA
01-63-13 Subway tie plate 20# 5.65kg/pc USA
Base Plate GB38kg rail Q235 or

Types of Railroad Tie Plate

Single Shoulder Tie Plate

single shoulder tie plate
single shoulder tie plate
single shoulder tie plate

Single shoulder tie plate has only one raised edge, which is used to fit against one end of the rail. Single shoulder tie plate is usually in the rails which weight ranges from 56lb to100 lb.

Double Shoulder Tie Plate

double shoulder tie plate
double shoulder tie plate
5 hole double shoulder tie plate

Double shoulder tie plate has two raised edges and the sunken bed in the middle is used to match the rail. The rail must fit the plate properly between the two shoulders. This kind of tie plate is mainly applied for the rails larger than 100lb. There are different types of double shoulder tie plate, such as 2-hole, 4-hole, 5-hole, 6-holes or 8-hole all are available.

Hook Twin Tie Plate

Hook twin tie plate is used in the turnout position behind the switch bottom. They are usually used in pairs to fasten the single tie, and it can also ensure the tie spacing. Among the varieties of hook twin tie plate, the 3/4’’ and 1’’ thick varieties are very popular in Northern America.

hook twin tie plate
Different varieties of hook twin tie plate:
For 3/4’’ hook twin tie plate: L23, L27, L31, LR23, LR27, LR31, H23, H27, H31.
For 1’’ hook twin tie plate: L29, L33, L37, LR28, LR32, LR36, H29, H33, H37, H41.
The 3/4’’ and 1’’ are most popularized in North America. We have a modern producing line with advanced equipments and our production capacity can reach 1000MTS annually.   

Casting Rail Tie Plate

Casting rail sole plate is producing by the casting technology, adopting the raw material of carbon steel.
casting rail tie plate

Specification of Casting Rail Tie Plate
Type for rail UIC54, UIC60,  50kg rail, 60kg rail, S49 and size as ordered
Material- forged carbon steel QT500-7 QT450-10
Chemical composition (%) C:3.60-3.80, Mn:≤0.6,
Si:2.50-2.90, P:≤0.08,
C:3.40-3.90, Mn:0.2-0.5,
Si:2.70-3.00, P:≤0.07,
Surface plain (oiled)
Standard refers UIC864-6

Other Types of Rail Base Plate 

We are capable of producing all types of rail base plate, whether standard or customized according to the customer’s drawings or samples or other technical specifications.
other rail tie plate

Specifications of Popular Rail Tie Plate
Type Dimension Holes Incline Rail Weight(Kg)
Rph 1/160 Rph 1/160 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 7,86
Rp 01/01/160 345/285/127/160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 7,70
Rph 1/210 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,55
Rph 1/210 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø 36,3 (2x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,55
Rph 1/210 FVZ 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,69
Sph 1(a) 345/350/127x410x15/13 Ø 26 (8x) 1:40 UIC 60 20,60
Rph 6/160 370/310/152x160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 8,44
Rph 6/210 370/310/152x210x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 11,32
SZ 60 370/350/152x420x15/13 Ø 26 (8x) 1:40 UIC 60 22,73
Rph 11 Ü 664/554x160 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 54 15,37
Rph 13 Ü 690/570x160 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 15,27
Rpo 5 345/285/127x160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:20 S 49/S54 8

Detailed Functions of Railroad Tie Plate

tie plate in railway

Fasten the Rails and Sleepers

Tie plate is an irreplaceable component in fastening the rails and sleepers, and it provides a solid foundation of the rails and reduces the abrasion damage of the sleepers. With the help of rail spikes and other fastening components, rail tie plates can fix the rail tracks properly and prolong the service life of rails and sleepers.

Keep the Correct Rail Gauge

Consider of the force caused by the weight of passengers and the train, the rail may deviate from the original track slightly. It is tie plates together with sleepers which fasten the rails tightly so that the trains can run safely on the tracks. It is also vital for the railway workers to inspect and repair the railroad regularly, especially for the replacement of rail spikes, tie plates or other fastening accessories after using for a period of time.

Distribute the Weight Forced on the Rail 

Railroad tie plates can evenly distribute the weight of the train, cargo or passengers. The use of tie plates helps to reduce the friction between the rails and ties, and makes the sleepers last longer. With tie plates, the rails can bear the pressure evenly so that they can maintain a smoother surface.

Rail tie plates play an important role in securing the safety of railway and passengers. It has the function of supporting the rails and protecting the sleepers. AGICO can provide you with high quality and reliable rail tie plate and all of our products are inspected by a full set of inspection facilities in quality center. Both standard and customized rail base plates are available according to your drawing and sample.

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