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A rail pad, also named rail rubber plate, is usually used between tie plates and sleepers or between rails and tie plate. The rail pad is made of elastic polyurethane mat and usually used on concrete sleepers. The rail pad can protect the concrete sleeper from abrasion and impaction, and it can also decrease the vibration from the passing train. It is believed that rail pad functions in two ways: diminish shock and distribute load. The thickness of our rail pads ranges from 5mm to 25mm,but usually the height should not to be so high in case the movement relative to the rails.
rail pad

A rail pad plays an important role in reducing shock and vibration, the detailed functions lie in the following:

  • Distribute the load that the trains pressed on the rails with a larger elastic surface.
  • Reduce the noise that trains hitting on the rails and improve the comfort of the passengers.
  • The use of rail pad can decrease the abrasion of rails and prolong the service life of rail track.
  • The elasticity of rail pad can decrease the vibration
rail pad
the function of rail pad
rail pad in fastening system

The materials we use are mainly three types, HDPE, Polyethylene 80% and Vinyl Acetate 20%, rubber.

Different Types of Rail Pad

1. HDPE Rail Pad

Technical Parameter Unit Technical Requirement Value
Density g/cm3 0.95-0.98 0.95
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥19 19
Elongation % >80 150
Melting Point 170-190 190
Insulation Resistance Ω ≥1×1010 3.5 ×1010
Hardness A ≥98 98(A)

2. EVA: Polyethylene 80%, Vinyl Acetate 20%.

Technical Parameter Unit Technical Requirement Value
Density g/cm3 0.95-0.98 0.95
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥15 16
Elongation % >500 550
Melting Point 170-190    170
Insulation Resistance Ω ≥1×1010 5.0 ×1010
Hardness A ≥90 92(A)

3. Rubber Rail Pad

Technical Parameter Unit Value
Stiffness KN 90-130
Hardness Shore 72-80 degree
Electronic Resistance Ω ≥ 106
Tensile Strength before Aging Mpa ≥12.5
Elongation before Aging % ≥250
The rail pads AGICO produced apply for rails such as rail UIC54, UIC60, BS80lbs,BS100lbs, and we can produce different sizes according to your needs. Our rail pads all pass advanced testing tools and the ISO9001-2008 standard.
rail pad in the factory Bengal customers visit AGICO rail pad workshop
rail fastener testing facility

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