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Rail Tie Plate Types

Rail tie plate is one of the fasteners used in rail track, it is usually used between the rails and sleepers. There are three types of tie plate, single should tie plate, double should tie plate and hook twin tie plate. Rail tie plate is usually used in rail track between the steel rails and the sleepers. Through the holes on the tie plate, screw spike enter in the sleepers to ensure the stability and keep the rail in gauge. The application of tie plate on rail track prolongs the service of rails and sleepers. The function of tie plate is irreplaceable whether on wooden sleepers or concrete sleepers.

Rail Tie Plate Types 

Single Shoulder Tie Plate

Having one raised edge, single should tie plate is used for fitting against one side of the steel rail, tie plate is usually used in the rails which weight from 56lb to100 lb. 
single shoulder tie plate

Double Shoulder Tie Plate

From the shape, we can see that double shoulder has two raised edges and the sunken bed in the middle is to match the rails. Double should tie plate is mainly used in the rails whose weight is more than 100lb. It has many types, 2-hole, 4-hole, 5-hole, 6-holes or 8-hole.  
double shoulder tie plate

Hook Twin Tie Plate 

Hook twin tie plate is used in turnout position, they are usually used in pairs to fasten the single tie. In Northern America, the 3/4’’ and 1’’ thick varieties are very popular.

hook twin tie plate
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