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Do You Know Three Types of Steel Rail Abrasion?

Steel rail is the main component of rail track, and it is generally employed for the longer time than any other rail components. The steel rail on rail track must bear heavy stress, so the material must be of high strength. The abrasion of steel rails is commonly seen in rail track, do you know the several types of steel rail abrasion.

Steel rail

The abrasion of steel rails mainly classified into three types: vertical abrasion, side abrasion and wave abrasion.

Vertical abrasion will enlarge with the increase of axle weight and gross weight of the vehicles and steel rails. If the track geometry of steel rail is in inappropriate design, it will fasten the abrasion speed of the rails. This can be solved by adjusting the geometric dimension of rail track.

Side rail abrasion mainly respect on the outside steel rail of small radius curve, it is the one of the common types of curve abrasion. The moving and sliding of wheels is the main reason of rail abrasion. When the trains passing by the small radius curve, two-point contact may occur, the degree of rail abrasion is larger. It’s better to use wear-resisting steel rail.

Wave abrasion refers to the uneven wavy abrasion on the surface of steel rails. Wave abrasion will influence the movement of rails, cause high wheel force on the rails, accelerate the damage speed of vehicles and rail components, increase the maintenance and repair costs. There are many factors may cause rail abrasion, rail material, route and motor vehicles. Grinding rails is the effective way to solve the problem of rail wave abrasion. In addition, by adopting continuous welding to weld the rails can relieve the abrasion and improve the smoothness of the rails.

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